Pro Bono Activities

Rallying behind shared-growth initiatives being carried out around the world,
MUHANN has implemented a donation program under the name “Sharing Both Knowledge and Heart”
to spark the dreams of the less privileged.
Legal Assistance to All
We are committed to using our legal talent and resources to contribute to creative activities of small-sized enterprises, individuals and students. In particular, we provide legal assistance related to patent applications as well as appeals before the IP Trial and Appeal Board and the Patent Court free of charge for small-sized enterprises, students and individual innovators every year.
Value in Serving
the Public Interest
The firm is gradually but steadily increasing the number of pro bono activities. Our goal is to help each of our pro bono clients reach a level where they are recognized in their field by their achievements.
Attaining Positions

of Recognition as IP Leaders
  • APAA Korea Senior Vice President
  • KPAA Training Center Training Committee Chairman
  • KPAA Disciplinary Committee Chairman
  • Minister of Gender Equality and Family Award (Employment of Female Personnel, 2020)
  • Minister of Industry Award (Technology Protection, 2018)